To use our bots click buddies and then addbuddy. Then add the following screen names to your buddylist:

  • mtgotradersbot
  • mtgotradersbot0
  • mtgotradersbot1
  • mtgotradersbot2
  • mtgotradersbot3
  • mtgotradersbot4
  • mtgotradersbot5
  • mtgotradersbot7
  • mtgotradersbot8
  • mtgotradersbot9
  • mtgotradersbot10
  • CardCaddy
  • CardWareHouse

Bots are automated trade programs that enable buying MTGO cards with tickets or bot credits. Once you have buddied a bot just right click it's screen name in your buddylist and trade with it. Double click any card in the bot's collection to get a price quote on it.

After they are buddied just open trade with them and they will give you prices on the cards that you select.

Click Here to buy bot credits

To sell your MTGO cards to us use our buybots found below who will buy your cards for tickets:

  • mtgotradersbuybot
  • mtgotradersbuybot1
  • mtgotradersbuybot2
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