Sell Tickets

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All ticket purchases are done manually, you must message us in game at MTGO TRADERS to set up the purchase. Please message us in game to be sure we're currently buying tickets before purchasing this item.This item is for new customers that would like to sell tickets to us, you only have to buy 1 (not 1 per ticket sold) and you must pay for this item with PayPal. Customers selling tickets might be subject to additional verification.
We're currently paying $0.85 each via PayPal or $0.90 in CapeFearGames.com store credit, seller is responsible for PayPal fees.
Payment for your tickets will only be sent to the paypal e-mail used in your first order to sell tickets. You do not need to place a new order each time you want to sell tickets.
Please do not pick this item if you want to buy tickets from us.
Payment for this item will be refunded
If you have any doubts about the process please send a message in game to MTGO TRADERS

Card is Out of Stock:

This item is currently out of stock. If you would like us to email you when it is back in stock, send along your email address...

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