These sets include 1 copy of every card except for the cards that appear only in theme decks.
To get a quote on older sets or if you are interested in buying a set please contact us in game. To do so type /addbuddy "MTGO TRADERS" in any chat window and send us a message from your buddy list (or click the Add Buddy button in your buddy list).
Image Mana Card Name Price Qty Buy
M21     Core Set 2021 Set (Paypal) $119.83   0 --
  Core Set 2021 Set (Tickets) $126.14   0 --
IKO     Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Set (Paypal) $69.09   0 --
  Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Set (Tickets) $72.73   0 --
THB     Theros Beyond Death Set (Paypal) $123.80   0 --
  Theros Beyond Death Set (Tickets) $130.32   0 --
ELD     Throne of Eldraine Set (Paypal) $84.43   0 --
  Throne of Eldraine Set (Tickets) $88.87   0 --
ZNR     Zendikar Rising Set (Paypal) $130.22   0 --
  Zendikar Rising Set (Tickets) $137.07   0 --
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