Hello and welcome to MTGO traders, "the" source for Magic the Gathering Online cards.

***Important Please Read Before Proceeding***

Here is how the overall process works: You the buyer add cards to your shopping cart. When you checkout you click to pay in tickets or paypal. Then when we get the order we will add you to our buddy list and send you a message. Then we will open trade with only the cards up that you ordered. All you have to do is click the cards and then click confirm and then perform trade. It's as easy as that. Video walk-through

Here are some guidelines that we ask of the buyer:

  • We ask that you do not order more than 4x of a single Mythic Rare/Rare/Uncommon/Non Basic Land Common within a 24 hour period.

  • If you chose "automated delivery" at checkout one of our deliverybots will message you shortly to trade you. The deliverybots will only have your order up for trade and will deliver your full order. You can still send a message to "MTGO TRADERS" with any questions. Video walk-through

  • Orders paid with Tickets that are not claimed within one day will be canceled. Orders paid with Paypal that are not claimed within a month will be canceled and refunded in full.

  • Our screen name is MTGO TRADERS. Type /addbuddy mtgo traders, or click the Add Buddy button in your Buddy list.

  • We are only selling cards for the online game as of now. So all cards that are for sale are for the Online MTGO game, but can be redeemed for real cards. (redemption works only for complete sets, not for singles)

  • We are always interested in buying large collections of cards so let us know what you have for sale.

  • Large purchases may be subject to additional verification for security purposes. We have several options that we will offer you to verify and only do this to prevent us from receiving fraudulent payments.

  • Anyone that is attempting to use a stolen paypal account or credit card to make purchases on our site will be prosecuted.

  • If you want to buy physical cards instead of online cards, we suggest you visit our retail store www.capefeargames.com , which ships out cards from our retail store in Wilmington, NC.

  • While we do our best to honor prices listed on our site if a price is listed due to a technical error we may not honor the price.

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